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New JNKPlat Levels!!
  21st April, 2019

Player "Cristo" has submitted four lovely level packs for JNKPlat.

You can either find them in the Online Levels section of the game, or grab them here if you need to download them manually (eg 3DS).


The first and fourth packs, multiobstacles and random levels are "proper" levels, with multiobstacles being a MUCH tougher set of levels, and random levels being easier.

As well as those two, there's "cascades", which is one of those boring "The levels play themselves" sets of levels that I tend to hate in Super Mario Maker. What's the point of having an interactive game if you're not interacting, and instead, just watching it play itself?
Might as well be sitting playing Ludo for half an hour!
Bah, humbug!!

..That gripe over with, here's another minor quirk!!

Cristo's added a giant (B) at the beginning of the first level, to suggest "Hold B".
Which is nice, and all, but if you're playing it on a Desktop, the key you "hold to hold" is actually (K)!!

Welcome to my GameDev world of "trying to code a game with a decent button layout that works on all kinds of systems, and then attempting to make onscreen messages, when those button layouts end up being all over the bloomin' place!"
It can be all manner of horrors, and when you also add redefinable keys into the mix... .. eek!!

Lastly there's "bug pack", where Cristo seems to be suggesting there are bugs in the game!?!

Yes, there's quite a few "quirks" but in most places, I think a good level maker would know the best way to work around those. .. Or, alternatively, the best way to make the player have to think their way around them!

Cristo shows off a "You need to jump instantly, or you'll never complete the level, which .. granted.. is a bit of a bug.
I should probably add that one to the list of future fixes, perhaps by adding a "You need to have at least 5 seconds playtime before you can upload a level" rule, or something..?

But the other issues are "You can blow up a plunger" which.. Yes, you can!! Probably a good idea not to do that!! As well as "It's impossible to jump over a TNT Plunger", which.. Yes it is!
Both of those two, I intentionally left in, when I realised they'd be extra cruel in certain circumstances. Keys, Gates, Toggles..

Everything gets exploded up!!
Which leads us to..

"You can blow up the exit"
Yep, you can most definitely do that.

When creating uploadable level packs, one of the first things I added was a check that levels are beatable.
Only once you can get the "4-lights" on a level pack, are you then able to upload the pack.
As a result, even if you CAN blow up the exit, there should always be an alternative way to play the level which doesn't result in that outcome.

You might need to do some crafty playing to get to that point, but there should always be a way to get there, without accidentally blowing up the exit.

If you DO ever find yourself in an unsolvable predicament, hold down (X) on 3DS or (I) on Desktop, to self destruct. You'll lose a life, but will restart the level.

This should (hopefully!) solve the majority of "trapped without hope" issues.


You can either find the new level packs in the Online Levels section of the game, or grab them here if you need to download them manually (eg 3DS).

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