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Loader Test
  12th February, 2019
I've added JNKsg's Multi-Loader functionality into Shoebox.

You can Test it here.*


The script starts with a "Click to Start" message.
If you click, it'll very quickly switch to "Loading Spider Solitaire", and then should hopefully display a game of that.
If you click again, it'll very quickly load "Credits", which is that swirly card thing from yesterday.

After that point, clicking will insta-switch between the two, since it needn't load anything more after that point.

This is a test of the ability to load different games from different javascript files, and that should allow me to create oodles of different games for the engine.

You can Test it here.*

*Note : Current test is only live until the next test is ready to go. By the time I add more things to test, those things will replace it. So if the above text doesn't make any sense in the future, that'll be why!

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