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Missed Week...
  25th September, 2010
This week won't be "missed", because I'm still having my September off.
But next week, the first week of October, will probably be missed.

I really want to get my iPhing framework up and running before I start off the new year of AGameAWeek.
Having a base framework will help in a whole lot of areas, mostly because I can just whip up (possibly!) an iPhing game in a short amount of time. Because that's quicker, I can juggle iPhing and Win/Lin/Mac dev quite easily, and I should be able to cope with the whole AGameAWeek thing a little better than I previously was trying to.

So, maybe week 2, or maybe week 3..
But at some point in October, I'm definitely kicking off the whole AGameAWeek thing again!

Keep your eyes peeled!

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