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iOS Attempt
  9th February, 2019
I tried, yet again, to get the iOS side of my Framework to run, last night.


The obvious way to do it seems to be to take someone elses work, and try to leach off that.
So, I spent about 2 hours (seriously!!) downloading all the dependencies that that person had listed in their tutorial.

Download this.
Compile that.
Install this.
..As I watched the hard drive space on my MacMini reach smaller and smaller extremes.

Once done, "Type Make in the folder" suggested the tutorial, and this simple command would magically compile all the examples, and everything would be grand.

*Build Failed*

.. What a complete and total waste of a day.
The worst part being, of course, that the "tutorial" hadn't explained things along the way, so I have absolutely no clue as to what part of the many things I did (and or didn't, apparently!) do has failed.
I don't know ANYTHING.. The tutorial was completely smegging useless, and now I have all this extra crap installed on my MacMini, and ..

.. *sigh*

Today, I'm going to do what I should've done a long long time ago, and I'm going to properly read all about Metal API, and try to figure the damn thing out myself.

As with most things, I'm learning yet again that relying on others usually leads to failure.

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