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14th January 2019  
At around 1am, I was starting to drift off to sleep, when suddenly..
"POUNCE!" A late night idea popped into mind.


It's been a good few weeks since I added anything to Foldapuz, but thankfully my head's still bubbling away with ideas, somewhere in the background.

Last night I was starting to drift off to sleep, when my head randomly wandered back to days spent messing about during my college days, playing "Squares" on pieces of paper.

It took a slight detour into the realm of Maths, and within a few minutes my head had decided that this was some kind of possible game idea.
I managed to nod off, but the next couple of hours were spent tossing and turning, whilst the Maths Maze idea formulated in my sleep.

3am, wide eyed and alert, my head was practically screaming to get this game working. It'd already figured out how to generate the puzzles, and desperately wanted to see it in action.
So I sat up, grabbed the laptop, and a couple of hours later..

.. And then I had a nice big long sleep!

Since I missed the midnight deadline, Maths Maze will instead be featured in tomorrow's Foldapuz selection.

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