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20th December 2018  
25 games and counting. Yikes!


Today's new game is Rebordered, where you need to draw borders (or fences if you prefer) around the grid so that each border contains all five symbols.
I initially thought this was going to be a difficult game, but having loaded up the Mobile edition to attempt it, last night, I discovered it was in fact really really easy to complete.

Perhaps that's a good thing, though. The recent selection has been getting harder and harder, and it's probably a good idea to have the odd easier game in the mix.

I also made a start on a kakuro puzzle, but it's currently about halfway complete, so will be (hopefully!) finished off at some point today.
Kakuro is vastly more difficult than the Rebordered game is, but then so are a lot of the maths puzzles.
Am I out of practice with my basic maths!? It certainly feels that way, with all these challenging puzzles.

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New games every week!
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