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15th December 2018  
I added yet another game to the Fold, last night. Multi Box


Each row and column consists of three numbers which multiply to give the end result in that row/column.
Your task is to decide which of the additional numbers aren't supposed to be there. Cross them out to leave only the correct sets of numbers on the grid.

It's a fairly simplistic puzzle, and took mere minutes to put together, but the results are quite interesting.
If people enjoy it, I might see about adding an advanced mode with higher values, but for now it seems like a nice little timewaster, and that's roughly what I'm aiming for with these puzzles.

Meanwhile, the list of games is ever growing. I've now got enough games in each of the three categories (Words, Maths, Logic) that I've rejigged the default pages to give ONLY games within those categories.
There are occasional Doodle and Find a Path intermixed with each one, but from here on, the Words page should just have Word games, the Maths page just Maths, and Logic just those.
I still need a few more games to make 8 in each category, but I'm nearing that point, and I'm sure I can come up with a couple more over the next week or so.

I'm now thinking that it might be time to add a couple more categories into the mix. One involving Dice games, and another being two player games. Those might break the flow of the general game, but I think it might be interesting to come up with a few games that aren't necessarily as linear as the current selection.

We'll see how it goes, and whether or not I can come up with a decent selection of two-player puzzles.

For now, it's all looking good for Foldapuz!

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