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13th December 2018  
Yesterday's new Foldapuz addition went alarmingly smoothly.
.. I should've known that wasn't a good sign.


A simple chess logic game. That was all I intended to do.
The game splatters random chess pieces across the board, and you have to figure out the leftover spot where the opposing King might be.

Starting the new game at around about 9pm, I got the whole thing up and running by about 10:30, then uploaded it to the server, and switched tasks to the SoCoder Newsletter.
At the stroke of midnight, the new game appeared on today's Foldapuz sheet, so I grabbed the image and attempted to play.

At this point, I realised my shockingly schoolboy error.

Over the past few months, I've been dealing with oodles of Number logic puzzles, and have gotten used to elements which span the entire row or column when placed. (eg, like Sudoku's numbers)

Chess isn't like that, though, is it..
Chess has physical pieces which block each other.
A queen on the top row might be blocked by a knight halfway down, so won't reach the bottom few rows.

And, somehow, I'd completely forgotten about this, up until I tried to play the first daily puzzle.

It took all of about a minute for me to realise my error, but a good 2 hours of rewriting the entire game before it then worked correctly.

The game now works like you'd expect it to.
Track the path of each of the pieces, until you whittle down the board to the one remaining spot where the opposing King will be hiding.

And with that done, I finally got asleep around about 3 in the morning.


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