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9th December 2018  
As I add more and more features to Foldapuz, it becomes more and more apparent that I haven't put a bloomin' link on this site, anywhere!!


Yesterday I added a new puzzle game. Bracket Surgery

It's quite a tough one to play, and I'm not sure if it's as obvious as it oughta be, but you basically have to add 2 pairs of brackets to the maths equation so that the result is correct.

It's fairly simple in its logic, but .. Dang, is it hard to actually play!
I think I need to fiddle with the maths a bit, to make it a bit more obvious where the brackets should be.

So, with the addition of another game, I start to wonder about the layout of this site. It could definitely do with a permanent link to Foldapuz. I'm thinking of adding it next to that AGameAWeek "The Bundle" link on the top-bar.
I also need to think about somewhere to put all of the tools I'm recently making, especially the multipurpose Sprite Generator tool, but also the Scrabble Scoreboard, the Pixelart2STL thing, and whatever other oddities I've made over the years.

I'm thinking of, either, writing it all into a single editable post, or creating a companion to the Game Archive.
It's probably not a big enough category to have it's own big archive, though, so perhaps a single post would be more than sufficient.

Keep an eye out for these changes over the next few days.

I really do need to rethink the menu layout a bit!

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New games every week!
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