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A Smashing Time
  7th December, 2018
Played about an hour and a half of Smash, from Midnight, until I was too tired to play any more.

As good a game as always, but no sign of the always-fun Homerun contest.. Hmm...


Yesterday I re-tackled the "Pixelart to STL in Javascript" thing, using all the skills I've recently learned from Foldapuz and the Sprite Generator.

I just about managed to get it working in Chrome, then uploaded it, then tweeted about it, before deciding to try it in other browsers.
Seems the "Export to STL" function is completely broken in every other bloomin' browser.


From the look of things, it's down to the way it's exporting the data, and although Chrome can easily handle a whole bunch of file generation, the other browsers get baffled by the chaos, and end up breaking.
Today I'll have to look into ways of splitting that up a bit.
I expect it'll mean having a lot of buttons/links to download each individual layer.

... Nnngh

You can try it out, here.

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