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The Jingle
  12th September, 2010
Time to pick a new Jingle.

I'm thinking that Year 3 should be marked, slightly, by tweaking the intro jingle a little, so I've gathered together a handful, and popped them all here.


: Download

The original sound of "You got a badge!" which slowly morphed into being the AGameAWeek jingle.
This is the normal one!

: Download
A set of instruments from a remake of ClikClak, which was going to be in my Gearworks remake, but .. um.. wasn't!

: Download
A set of instruments from an unfinished remix of the Deflektor theme.

: Download
A set of instruments from a theme I once made for Horizontal Shooter, before going "Oh my, that's a bit pants!!" and leaving it to rot.

: Download
Instruments from NeonPlat!

: Download
Instruments from a new Platdude mix I made a week ago.

: Download
Instruments from Ninja, Duck!

: Download
and, the one used in RetroRaider.

Choose your favourite!

In fact, you can select up to 3 jingles!
Select away!

|edit| Poll has long since disappeared! |edit|

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