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28th November 2018  
I tried about 3 or 4 different icon styles, last night, but can't quite find one to fit.


The main issue being that a lot of the games take the form of very similar looking grids.
That's something that's hard to replicate well inside a small icon.

The icons should hopefully be different enough that they're easily recognisable, but also have a similar style that screams "Foldapuz!"

.. But what IS Foldapuz?
At no point have I really come up with a specific design style for the site, and I'm hoping that when I eventually come up with the design for the icons, I'll also have something that works for the whole site in general.
Then I can reform the GUI of Unfolded so that it matches, and maybe even do a quick redesign of the main logo.

So, not too much to do, then!!!


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New games every week!
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