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Time for some Art.. eeek
27th November 2018  
Oh dear.. This is the bit I'm rubbish at!!


Having reconfigured the front page of Foldapuz, I now need to design a better set of icons for the Unfolded game menu. Something that looks recognisable enough for each of the many different games, at a variety of different scales.

To help in my attempts, I've coded the text for each icon to be handled by the code, not the icon spritesheet itself.
I've also added a small "no antialiasing" bit around the menu, so that I can draw the icons at a smaller scale, and have them cleanly scale up, should I need to.

But all those games. So many choices!
Given that all the games are black and white, and most are just grids, it's not going to be easy to decide on a specific icon style.
I originally set out to make the icons be rectangular like the game pages, but .. I'm already bored of that!

I'm not sure which direction to take it.

This is where my rubbish design skills will once again fail me.

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