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A Word Puzzle
27th November 2018  
Without using the word "Scrabble", how would you describe today's new Foldapuz puzzle?


The concept is rather simple. You're given 7 tiles and must place a word (of any length) somewhere on the board so that it scores exactly the given target.

I coded this late last night, starting at around 9:30pm, and finishing at 11:50. It was very much a panic at the end, to get the game ready in time for the morning's Foldapuz generation. I think I just about managed to pull it off, and I'm fairly sure there are no major issues with it!
.. I hope.

The majority of the difficulty was in trying to find a way to draw the board using only black and white. I've since realised that I could've used the grey colour from the headings, since that's already part of the daily sheets, so I might head back in and add a little more grey into the mix.

The other challenge was in having to write the fairly complex scoring mechanics of "not Scrabble, honest". Scores that account for premium tiles, as well as any adjoining words.
I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but am, as always, slightly worried that I might've broken it.
Having scanned through all the "Yesterday's Solutions", though, it does seem to be working as it should.

A good night's coding, and a few new functions to play with (namely that I now have a "DrawScrabbleTile()" function in the Foldapuz script!)

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