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13th November 2018  
Made another new Foldapuz game, yesterday.


Sunday I made the new Alternating Maze, and then yesterday I added the Wordoku game.

Alternating Maze

The alternating maze makes use of the original maze game's functionality, but then replaces the "best path" with a series of alternating tiles. Once done, it replaces the rest of the grid with a series of random tiles, and the combination makes for a simple little game.
Plot a path between the two points by moving from alternating tiles, ie no two of the same coloured tiles.
Most of the puzzles seem fairly obvious once you notice the rather apparent set of alternating tiles!


Yesterday I spent a good hour or so building a 5x5 sudoku generator, which lays out 5 circled areas of 5 tiles, and then numbers the tiles with a specific set of rules.
No two the same on a row, or a column, or within the group.

I left that to generate a decent number of puzzles.. 2048 of them!
From there, the Foldapuz script plucks one of those at random, and replaces the numbers with letters from a word... eg, if the word is HOUSE, then all the 1's become H's, 2's O's, etc.
Once that's done, it strips away at random until there's 2 of each letter remaining, all 5 of a chosen letter, and the actual full word along one row or column.
This is seemingly enough for me to solve them, so hopefully it should be OK for others, too!


A fairly simple couple of puzzles but complicated enough to keep you entertained whilst bored, such is the setup of Foldapuz!

I've a handful of additional puzzle types listed in my iCloud Notes, but I'm certainly starting to run out of decent ideas.
If you've any thoughts on possible Pen'n'Paper puzzles, be sure to let me know in the comments, and I'll see what I can do.

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