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Tweaked Database
  11th November, 2018
I've spent most of today tweaking the Level Database's frontend. The main page now looks a teensy bit more usable, and it even displays the first level from the latest 5 level packs available. (Although, as of right now, it's only showing 4.. .. because there's only 4!!)


In addition, I've also added some much needed admin functions, so I can very easily rename both the level pack and its author, should the need arise.

It's been a long long day trying to get all of that sorted, but it's probably for the best that I do.
I could really do with adding some kind of notification to myself, if there are any new levels waiting for moderation, so I'll probably tackle that at some point tomorrow.

Other than that, everything seems suitably functional.

As always, if you think of anything I can do to make it a little better, be sure to let me know.

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