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The Plan...
  11th September, 2010
Oh, hell, I gotta start this all over again!!

Year 3 : October 2010 - October 2011
It's a month away, and I'm still being all lazy and relaxing, but I need to try and keep the site looking half-assed, so it doesn't disappear due to lack of activity

Rules for year 3
1. AGameAWeek isn't important.
The ratio should be attempted, but if I feel like I need a break, then by god I'm going to damn well take one!
I'm not going to get into the state I was in by the end of year 2, and become all horribly ill and lacking in effort.
There's no need for that.
So, as much as AGameAWeek IS important, it's not too big a deal if I occasionally miss it.

2. No Naff Sequels
Centipong 2 can rot, let's make something better!

3. More DS
The DS homebrew players really seem to "get" my games, so I might as well treat them to a few more!
.. It'd also probably be a good idea to do more iPhing ones, too, but let's not get ahead, here.. I'm still struggling with Game #2!

4. Less crap
Yep, there's definitely some "phoned in" games, here.
I'm going to try and keep those to a minimal.
If you followed Year One, you probably noticed a drastic improvement for Year Two.. I'm going to try and take things up an extra little notch.

.. If nothing else, I should have regular online scoreboards, this year.. But then, I think I said that last year, too!

1. Weekly Schedule
My schedule's a mess, with me jumping between all kinds of projects, all over the place.
I need to sort out a weekly rota, and try to timetable my efforts a bit.

2. Monthly Schedule
I enjoyed doing Mario Month, and the 12 Games of Christmas, so it might be fun to work out a couple more themed months, next year.

3. A Big Game
Just like JNKPlat 2010, this year, and Alien Deathmatch 2 in year one, I'd like to take a month out, somewhere, to make a great big super-sized game. .. Even though I'm not sure what that game will be, just yet!

1. Fixups
I built up the online scoreboards, then kinda left them to sit.
I'd originally planned to rebuild the older 2010 games with highscores bolted on.
I obviously can't do that with all of the games (those with easy to cheat tweakable maps and graphic files) but I'd still like to redo a few of 'em.

2. Online "Achievements" type website.
That's pretty much a pipedream, right now, but if Apple can pull it off, then I'm sure I should at least be able to get a big green website with your name on it. In the Jurassic Park font..

3. Finish off NeoPlatDS.
For the past couple of weeks, I've been off/on working on a retweak of NeonPlat, for the DS.
Obviously, with teensy tiny sprites, the whole point of "NEON"Plat was sort of lost, so instead I took/remade sprites from JNKPlatDS08, and am kinda jiggling it all about to make a sub-sequel offshoot thing for the DS.
There's a Work-in-Progress video, here if you're interested.

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