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Need More Puzzles!
9th October 2018  
If you've tried clicking the "Words, Maths, Logic" links on the Foldapuz site, you'll probably have noticed that the templates aren't 100% just of that type.

This is simply because I haven't yet coded enough puzzles for each category.


The randomiser shuffles all the games, with a higher percentage of those in the selected category, but because there aren't quite enough, it frequently ends up selecting games from the other categories to fill in the space.

My plan is to eventually have at least 8 different games within each of the three categories so that each day will have a full sheet without repetition.

But I'm not even halfway there.
There are currently 5 word puzzles, 3 maths ones and 3 logic ones.
Words : Crossed, Lattice, Anagrams, Word Ladder, Word Grid
Maths : Number Target, Solve A,B,C, Move One Digit
Logic : Maze, Sudoku, Battleships
.. And Doodle!

With that in mind, I currently need to make another 3 word puzzles, 5 for maths and 5 for logic.
Of course, if I add more than that, then the random layouts will be a little more varied, but that is at least my initial goal.

Today I'm thinking about triangles, and how they can usually be solved with a little bit of SOHCAHTOA. I think! Assuming I'm remembering my GCSE Maths properly.
I'll be trying it out, later, to see if it's all do-able, and will probably add some nice triangles to the foldapuz page, later on tonight.

Mmmm.. Maths!!

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