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8th October 2018  
I added a simple new game to Foldapuz, last night, but .. Would you believe it.. It didn't show up on today's default layout.


If you head to the specific Word Puzzles layout, it does indeed show up, though.

A simple 3x3 grid with a couple of letters filled in. You need to add the rest, whilst ensuring that horizontal and vertical words are all "real" words.

I tried to get this to work with 4x4 words, too, but the poor server couldn't quite cope with the complexities of such a thing!
I might have to pre-generate a few of those until I can find a quick way to do them.
For now, however, 3x3 is certainly good enough, and although a lot of the words are a bit "Is that really a word?", it is at least another little puzzle to play.

Not much progress on JNKPlat, yesterday. I added one single new 4-level pack, but it definitely needs tweaking as one of the levels is insanely difficult!!

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New games every week!
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