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16th November 2008  
The other day I considered redoing the whole wall structure. I considered making nice wonderful multidirectional walls, and levels with all kinds of diagonals, straight, and maybe even curves.
It seemed like a good idea.

Then I started to work on it, and... well.. it wasn't exactly super fast!
In fact, things were painfully slow.
As the game struggled to draw a single wall, with nice detail like the old one, I realised that drawing an entire arena in that way would only lead to drastic slowness on Blitz Basic's part.
It's a shame, but I think I'm going to have to cancel the whole plan.

So, today I opened up the old Alien Deathmatch, grabbed the nice "Level Renderer" code, stuffed it into the new game, tweaked it up to fit the new game's size, and bob's your uncle..


It's the "All L's Break Loose" level. And it works.. 'ish.

When I originally tried it with the 16x16 floor tiles, it looked silly. The 2-length doors were just about wide enough to fit the main character through, the walls were paper thin, and everything looked silly and tiny.
So up went the level's scaling, and now every block's back to being 32x32 pixels.

Still, with 5120x5120 space, that leaves us with a huge 160x160 arena.. And.. I'm pretty sure I can even go beyond that, too.. So.. If things get silly, you know why!

Meanwhile, bullets are working, basic doors are working (yeay!), baddies are almost working (albeit with obscure placements, and dodgy AI), walls are working (woot!) and I'm ready to start building a series of layouts for baddies to arrive in.

It's all kicking off, now!!!

.. I think I'm going to have to redraw those tiles, though.. And I'm not looking forward to that!!

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