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A man on a grid - part 3
  16th November, 2008

So far the 6 different aliens act as follows.
(But this might be tweaked once the walls start to get in the way!)

Note : If adblock's not letting you see the images above (due to it blocking "ad2_" images!) you may want to "Whitelist this whole site".. It's safe.. I despise adverts too, so there ain't any here!

As well as the 6 different aliens, each alien can now have one of 8 different *cough* "Alien Breeds". Each breed will have different attributes.
Grey is standard.. Kill it, done..
Pink, as before, will split into a new bunch of little fellas once it's dead.

But what else?

I've Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue and Blacker-darker-harder-to-spot..
What can those guys do?

Perhaps Red would explode Bomb style, killing you if you're too near to it.
Yellow might leave behind multipliers, or other bonuses.

I'll leave it up to you guys.
Post away in the comments with your thoughts.

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