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  13th June, 2018
Man, I hate writing platform game collision code! Those darn diagonals always freak out..


Movement is mostly functional, but you can occasionally glitch into boxes by hitting them at just the right angle.
I'll be spending most of today, probably, trying to fix that.

Next comes gameplay.
In the original, you simply stood on all the floor tiles to make them vanish, but I feel like this version might need something slightly different.
I'd like to try adding some kind of explosion into the mix, but each method I can come up with has a myriad of issues alongside it, mostly that it would be really hard to do when the level starts to get a little sparse.

But I guess that's half the fun, right?!
Try things out and see what works.


This is (more than likely) the ingame music. A slightly over-done recreation of the original version with a little bit more oomph.
I might retweak it over the next few days, though. It doesn't quite feel right..


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