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  5th June, 2018
I spent quite a while, today, trying to come up with a nice fast tilemap technique for 3DS.
On the Desktop edition, I can draw to a buffer, then draw the buffer to the screen, but due to memory limitations, that's not quite as easy to do on the 3DS.

I've tackled a few different ways, already, but none of them seem to be helping in the speed department.

Essentially, I'm getting about 30fps out of a screen full of 8x8 tiles, which is absolutely horrendous when you consider that I used to be able to get BOTH screens full of 8x8 tiles on the DS, at a rock solid 60fps.
Basically, because I'm doing everything with 3D routines, the resulting engine is quite a bit slower than what it would be with a 2D technique.

I really need to look into ways of optimising my 3D techniques.


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