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Balancing Before Starting
  17th May, 2018
This morning's a newsletter day, so that all needs doing first, but then I'll be heading into the game and trying to figure out exactly what style it's going to take.

I'm fairly sure I can get some kind of gameplay working for this week's game, but it'll be a case of finding the right balance between what the level generator can come up with, and the way the player controls.


At the moment, I'm still in two minds whether to just make the game Munky, but I'd like to have a slightly different feel to things.

I'm currently wondering the most interesting way to make the game more action orientated, instead of just being a puzzle game, as well as how best to get an interesting scoring method to work.
Starting to think that the game might end up feeling more like last week's game, but I'll try my best to come up with something unusual.

We'll see!

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