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A bug in the site..
  11th May, 2018
I've just noticed a really odd bug in my site, via the method of visiting another site!

Over at Nintendo Max they've listed Flappadiddle as being from October 2017.
"October 2017? It definitely isn't from then.. Where on earth have they got THAT date from?"
.. I checked my own site, and...


The dates on the downloads in the Game Archive Downloads have been wrong since the site rewrite!!!


If you look at The Sheriff of Cardington, the downloads have the date of 20170828, the same date as the game's release.
If you then look at the next game, Poke 5,n, the downloads have the date of.. 20170828..

The next game has Poke 5,n's date on the files, and so on..


This isn't really all that important, as the dates on the filenames are really only there to distinguish different versions of games with the same overall filename (like how I have 2 very different versions of Stringy Things.. One for Windows, the other for DS), but I'm definitely going to have to look into fixing it.

Also, note to all download sites, the date written on the file does NOT specify the version number, or the date of that exact release. It only (when it works right!) suggests the ORIGINAL date of the FIRST release, not the current one.
I've already updated a couple of the 3DS downloads to fix a few of the older bugs in the framework, without telling you about it!

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