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  11th May, 2018
I tried to tackle the online-leaderboard component of my 3DS target, yesterday. It didn't go well at all!


Having stared at the code for about half an hour, I eventually decided to close everything down, and give up for the day.
My mind really wasn't in the mood for looking at the word "context" 7,000 times in different places, for different purposes.

I'm not really sure why developers seem to think that sort of thing is a good idea, when writing example code. It really doesn't help anyone. Seeing the word context over and over and over, with seemingly no rhyme or reason.
Having re-glanced, this morning, my brain's apparently a little more capable, as it's making a little more sense to me. But seriously, guys, if you're writing "example" code, at least try to make it readable!!


Anyhoo, after giving up, I spent the rest of the day adding tons of videos to this week's Socoder Newsletter, and got that all done. It was much less context-heavy.

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