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Scaling Complexities
  10th May, 2018
Having solved the "gap" issue from last night's post, I spent some time fiddling with the actual game.


I initially found the 3DS version to be much harder than the Windows one, but after a little bit of playing I realised why that was.

On the 3DS version jscrw/jscrh is 400x240, the resolution of the screen. Over on the Windows one, it's always 800 wide, and then the height is calculated based on the window's ratio.

Because I haven't scaled the game's speed, whenever I try to play the game on 3DS, it ends up "feeling" much smaller.
This is easily fixable, but it'll mean having to do the same set of tweaks to each and every game, going forward.
I could, of course, simply get the 3DS to assume an 800x480 screen, then scale it down, like how the Desktop version does. But I wanted the 3DS version of the code to allow me to specifically draw at specific pixel points. That'll be important in the future, when I try to do a new JNKPlat.

Bah, I'm really not sure which way is better to go, with this 3DS malarkey.
Aw well, never mind. Carry on!!

Franken-Hopper is still due to arrive in the next few days.

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