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Two Faces
  9th May, 2018
Already the scaling is causing quirks!!


It's nothing too major, but I do need to keep an eye on it, going ahead.
The above "oddness" is due to the Framework having neatly scaled all the sprites down to 1/2 their size, but the game's engine is still trying to draw with full sized offsets.
As such, I need to add a "*0.5" thing all over the code. It's nothing too major, and my usual method of scaling code tends to do the trick. I just haven't added into this game, yet!!

As far as the game goes, it's now back to being a bit too difficult again.
Finding the balance between too hard, and not hard enough, is proving to be tricky.
Hopefully over the next few days I can find the exact set of pseudo-random numbers to make the game as fun as it can be.

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