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Too Hot!
  8th May, 2018
I can happily code in all kinds of weather, but when it's sunny, things start to slow down a whole bunch.


I sat awake, unable to sleep, until about 2am, this morning.
During my awakened state, the best I was able to achieve was a few minor tweaks to the framework, for future usage.

I could really have done with trying to figure out the online scoreboard feature for 3DS Homebrew, but I really wasn't in the mood to do anything productive whatsoever.

Instead, I just sat watching random YouTube bits, and listened to this week's "Apple Music - Chosen For You" selection.
It really wasn't the most productive of sessions, but it was far too hot to sit, thinking, and coding!

Today I need to dig into the scoreboards, and see if I can get them to work on the 3DS. I'm assuming the Linux code will help for most things, but I've no idea what lies ahead.

Maybe I'll go and sit in the garden, instead, and be Lazy Jay for today!

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