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Today's Plan
  7th May, 2018
I might add a few extra functions for primitive drawing, or maybe a setting somewhere or something.
It's not too much of an issue, in that I know why it's drawing things at different scales, but it'd be a little easier if I didn't have to worry about whether something's going to be "The same scaled position as the larger desktop version" or "The exact location on the screen"


It's all a side-effect of having the DS's resolution being half the size of the virtual size that I'm using for the majority of the games.
Doing neatly scaled drawing is working great, but I also wanted to give myself the ability to draw tiles at specific points on the screen, so everything's become a little warped in the maths department.
I get the feeling this might end up being one of those "As you use it" issues, where I'm not really certain of the best way to do it, until I've used it enough for it to become annoying!!

Last night I had to go through Flappadiddle and Space Shooting Trail, rescaling a whole bunch of things so they made sense with the new maths.
It certainly wasn't an easy task!!

Today I'll probably be doing a bit more tweaking, and then I'll see about figuring out what to do about Flappadiddle's menu, and how it'll fit onto the 3DS's screen.

Oh, and the Start button's gotten really small on 3DS, due to the new scaling, but I think I'll bump it back up to the giant circle that it once was! I quite liked it being super-sized like that.

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