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Coming Up...
  6th May, 2018
With the 3DS onslaught in full swing, and this week's game being delayed, what better time than to stop and pause, and think about the other myriad of things that I'd like to do..?!


Framework Plans

iOS and Android DEFINITELY need to get worked on. I keep putting it off because of two things.
First, Android is such a frickin' pain to get C++ compiling for.
Second, they both need a rewrite from OpenGL's GLFW version to the GLES version.
Having done the 3DS version, though, I've come to the conclusion that all the rewriting really isn't all that scary.
I just need to get off my arse and do it!!

Ogg on a Mac
Considering it's working on the 3DS, I'm now slightly baffled as to why my Ogg Streaming isn't working on the Mac.
Going to have to poke and prod at that one, to see if I can get it back to a working condition.

Mod Support
Although I'm not sure if I'll use it (because all my music is done in mp3/ogg format, nowadays), it'd be really great to have Mod/XM/IT support in the framework.
I have previously considered writing my own bloomin' thing from scratch, and if I'm honest, that still feels like it might be the best way to do it.
In addition, it might be great to rewrite my Pseudo-Random Music Generator thing, (JMTrackr) so that it works (properly!) in the new framework.
.. Hmm...

Finish off the "Enter Your Name" thing
The system's online scoreboard system seems to work, so I think it's probably time to make the "Enter Your Name" screen a little more intrusive. My intention is to have it pop up after the first play through of a game, but then leave it in the settings (where it currently is) after that.
Assuming that works out, it'll either mean a lot more players showing up on the scoreboards.. .. or it'll kill my server!!


Oh, and I've not yet added any online capabilities to the 3DS editions. I should probably see to that.

Additional Online Functionality
Another intended online feature is that of levels, specifically those for a new JNKPlat. I'm hopeful that, with the right amount of jiggery-pokery, I can make user generated levels that easily get sent to the central server, and can be organised into a level-file, back on the player's system.
Although my recent 3DS attempts have shown there to be quite a bit of slowdown when saving, I'm fairly sure that it shouldn't be "too" much of an issue.
Convert level data into small compressed single-lines of text, and pop them onto the server, then read them back. Organise them neatly in the level.sav file, and all should be good to go..

Given all the issues I've been having with memory management on the 3DS, it might not be a great idea to then try to dump in a 170,000 word list, for the purposes of making wordgames work.
But that won't stop me from trying!
The usual "Number-Words" should suffice. I imagine it's a heck of a lot quicker for the system to do "int a == int b" than "strcmp(a,b)" over and over and over and over and over again. That's the reason I created the Number-Words system in the first place, so it makes sense to stick with it.

The Third Dimension
Not sure on this one, but I said at the start of this whole Framework project that, should things actually somehow work out, I'd take the time to figure out 3D. After all, the commands I'm using to draw the sprites are already coded using 3D co-ordinates, (but with z always being 0) so it should be a simple enough case of switching the camera mode, and creating some nice chunky models instead of flat sprites.
I'm probably not quite ready for that, yet, though!

Game Plans

This definitely needs to happen!!!
It's going to be more than a little chaotic, trying to figure out how to add 3DS functionality at the same time as keeping everything working on the Desktop versions, but .. I'm pretty sure I'll figure something out!
.. Maybe!

Yes, I'm already thinking about Xmas. I didn't do an Advent Collexion last year, so this year probably deserves one.
The usual minigame-fest will suffice, I recon, but how to organise it all in the code. It's going to be a crazy script full of insanity!!

Stringy Things
Assuming I can get the word list integrated, it'd be nice to make a nice new collection of word games. But proper testing will be required. The last time I tried, Android messed things up, leaving thousands of words completely broken and an unplayable mess as the result.

~And More~

And of course, the usual onslaught of insanity, at a (hopefully) regular'ish schedule.
I know this year's been slightly lacking in terms of regularity, but the framework's definitely a lot more stable than I thought it was going to be, so I figure all the hard work's been worth it.
.. Maybe!

As always, if you've any ideas, pop them in the comments below!

And, thanks for sticking around during this fairly significant gap in proper releases.

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