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Today's Tweaks
  5th May, 2018
Today, I've rejigged a lot of the framework's opening memory gubbins, although not the way I'd've liked.
In the end, rather than solving my memory management issues, I actually ended up stripping out the largest array completely, meaning that all additional lines (ship trail, bullet trail, explosion trails) in "On a Space Shooting Trail" are all now missing on the 3DS edition.
They're not anything you'll specifically miss, especially on the tiny 3DS screen, but .. they're definitely gone!

Anyhoo, after tweaking away, I finally got On A Space Shooting Trail running on 3DS, so .. Upload Gets!
It includes oodles of 3d-ness, but with everything being thin and small, it's not really all that noticeable.
Aw well..

I've uploaded a fixed 3DSHomebrew version of Micro Clampett (because I'd previously forgot to set the music volume!) as well as the new (for 3DS) space shooter, On a Space Shooting Trail.

Both should be working fine, but as always, let me know if they don't!

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