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Memory Woes
  4th May, 2018
I tried to compile "On a Space Shooting Trail" for 3DS tonight, but it wasn't having any of it!
Seems that my habit of creating giant arrays, at launch, isn't very good when it comes to trying to then run them on the limited 3DS.
It seems that if I "alloc" the big arrays at a later point, they tend to work better than if I try to just declare "I'm having a ginormous array, here!", right at the start of the code.

The task, then, will be to rewrite a significant part of "On a Space Shooting Trial" and hope that it fits into memory afterwards! I'll also need to double-check that it still works on the normal Desktop edition, too!
I'll also look into moving the main Framework's Obj/Plr/Grid/Stars arrays into a similar alloc method.

I'm learning quite a lot of good optimisation skills, doing 3DS, and it's all going back into the permanent Framework for future reuse.

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