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Slow Going
  27th April, 2018
Whilst trying to help rearrange the shed, the past few days have been rather lacklustre in the coding department.


Add to that, the fact that I spent an hour or so writing a mini-review/thoughts for KORG Gadget on Switch, yesterday, and my time's slipping away at a rather alarming rate.

Today I'll be trying to squeeze in as much coding as I can muster, but I'm also expecting Nintendo Labo to show up at some point, so all bets are off!

Hopefully I can still manage to get this week's game finished by the usual release day. It seems to be working out, although I'm not 100% sure on what format the Game Select menu might take.

At this point I'm thinking maybe another A/B/Random option, and then it lets you play maybe 5 rounds, to see how many points you can score. Kinda more like a sport, more than a regular game.

We'll see.

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