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Switch Homebrew?
  25th April, 2018
Looks like the Switch's Homebrew doors are currently being blown wide open.



I won't be jumping on the bandwagon, and it'll more than likely be a long time until I do.
I waited until the death knell of the 3DS before daring to poke and prod within, and that will more than likely be the same for Switch.

I do enjoy being able to let people play my games, and having these targets makes it all the more fun, but I know that, right now, 95% of Switch Hackers aren't exactly doing it so they can play the current selection of Homebrew.. :\

But I do find myself wondering what other systems I might be able to attempt to run my C++ Framework on.

The Vita seems like a nice target. I'd have to buy one, first, though!
Dreamcast's a possibility, I think. .. Maybe.. I'm not sure what the specs are on that, though.

What else might my handy C++ framework be able to target?

Any thoughts? Let me know!

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