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Giving Up..
  24th April, 2018
Tonight I started a new project.
#559 - Topsplodings
And that's as far as I got.


The initial concept. A game like Bugsplodings and Boxsplodings, where your mission is to blow everything up from a point towards the top.
This time I figured it'd be nice to have a tall tower, explode from the top, and see how far down the tower you can get your explosion.

For a couple of reasons, I've abandoned this idea.

1) This is way too much like "How much of the twin towers can you destroy with a single explosion at the top!?" .. No matter how much of a "splodings" dressing I give it, it's not going to shake that feeling!

2) I can't quite figure out a way for it to be random enough. I figure I'd have to have detonation points down the tower, and you'd need to aim your first explosion to reach the topmost point.. From there, it's going to be a very repetitive trip to the base of the tower.

3) It actually feels quite a lot like how ChuckABall ended up. A random'ish trip to the bottom, but in actual fact it's all pre-determined.

There's not enough randomness in this idea.
But I thought I'd post it, anyway!!

Maybe someone else can do something interesting with it?

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