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3DS Enhancements
  20th April, 2018
I tried out Flappadiddle again, today, and it was very very broken!!

The tweaks I've been doing to the 3DS part of the framework have left it in tatters.
The switch to smaller 3DS specific spritesheets, smaller logos and other things had resulted in it being mostly a black screen when booted up.

So, I spent an hour or so rejigging the spritesheets, tweaking minor bits of code. I'll need to go further in and actually redraw most of the bird sprites, as they're all a little gnatty, after the lazy quick scaling that I did.
But otherwise it ended up working on the 3DS reasonably well.
Except for 2 things.
1. Still no bloomin' audio.
but more importantly..
2. The game was suffering from MAJOR slowdown!

The last time I had a Flappadiddle test running, I hadn't yet added primitive-drawing, so most of the particles, all of the trail, the wave at the bottom of the screen.. That was a LOT of drawing that the system simply wasn't doing, and so it wasn't really an issue that it was done using Immediate drawing calls.

But now it had a whole boatload more things to draw, and it wasn't very happy doing it all!

So, I took the time to rejig the drawing code.
I flipped the simple toggle I'd left at the top of the code to switch drawing from Immediate back to VBO-based drawing routines.

I'd initially ignored these "better" functions because spritesheet switching wasn't working right, but over the past month I've learned a fair deal about doing 3DS Homebrew, and now it's all working exactly as it oughta.

As such, the game now just has one of those two flaws remaining..
.. It's still no bloomin' audio!!

View on YouTube

It also doesn't do saves, yet, but hopefully that won't be as complicated as trying to get the audio to work.
.. Maybe..

But it's working, and it's nice and silky smooth, and it plays absolutely great!

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