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Reduced Warnings
  19th April, 2018
Spent most of this morning working on Error Messages.


The 3DS DevKitPro compiler is setup to throw warnings all over the place, and as much care and attention as I've put into most of the framework, my recent 3DS foray has been a little less careful.

A single compile was throwing up over 100 warnings, mostly about me leisurely converting doubles to floats without saying "hey, I'm going to make this double into a float.. ok!!" first.
Oodles of code, all over the place, and it all had to be rejigged with float() wrapped around.

Anyway, after a couple of hours going slightly crazy, the default compile is now showing 8 errors.
4 of them are array limit bugs which occur due to me forgetting to set the limits properly, whilst the other 4 are the currently empty file-access functions for 3DS.
Otherwise, everything is nice and smooth!!

.. Makes no difference to how it actually runs, though.

Meh, whatever!

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