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Let's Do Something Else!
  17th April, 2018
3DS Homebrew is all kinds of broke, right now, and I'm doing my nut trying to figure it out.
I decided, last night, after the millionth crash of the day, that I'd instead focus on something else for the rest of the week.


This is now the third week in a row without a new game, and that's not exactly the way I'm supposed to be doing things.
So, let's focus on that, instead.
I'm thinking of scrapping the "Race" thing, as it's been weeks since I did anything with it, and it never really went anywhere.
Instead, I'm wondering if there might be something interesting that I can do with the "Clampett" style of gameplay. Perhaps make more explorable areas, and a more platforming environment, but with the "Jump and clamp to the roof" gameplay intact.

Sounds like it'd be something that would take my mind off the insanity of 3DS crashes, for a short while!

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