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Hello 3DS Homebrew Scene
  15th April, 2018
It's weird how many people have flooded my Twitter Inbox offering help on how to get various emulators and pirated games to run on my 3DS.

I appreciate that most people hack their 3DS for such purposes, but I'm not that guy. I'm LITERALLY only doing this for my own games!


"Hey, you know, you can play old Gameboy games on it, too!"
Well, yeah, but if I want to play a bunch of old emulated games, I have an insane number of Android devices littering my shelves, ready to hop into emulators, immediately.

My current favourite, the GPD XD, can run things up to about N64 spec, although it can also manage to play Dreamcast Sonic Adventure reasonably well, too.
Combine that with my GPD Win and I can also run oodles of Home Computer emulators with the built in keyboard. The GPD Win can also play PC games up to around Portal2 in spec, so it's really quite powerful.

Both the GPD XD and Win are neat little gaming devices in a Nintendo 3DS form factor, and both are incredibly powerful little things. If you're after portable emulation gaming haven, I'd recommend either of those.
Plus, the GPD XD can be used to play all my Android games, too.

I really don't need to be using the 3DS as an emulator device. I've got that covered, thanks!!

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