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Hmm.. Textures..
  13th April, 2018

Can't seem to get a grip on the texture switching stuff.

I've started a topic at GBATemp, and hopefully someone out there can figure this one out. Not sure.
In the meantime, the sprite-changing is at least working in "Immediate" mode, so.. until I can fix this, that'll just have to do.

The next step will be to have a play with my scaling routines.
Although this one single test has a decent-enough line of text, it's not exactly the world's most readable font, and it's all kinds of screwy in the main Framework. So, I need to find a more suitable font, and then set about fixing all the scales so that a game meant for a 1920x1080 HD screen will fit nicely onto the DS's 400x240 screen. ..

.. Yeah, should be easy!!

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