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OK, Textures..
  13th April, 2018
Today's task will be to try and get multiple textures to work. I'm fairly sure it should be an easy task. They really can't have made it too complicated, right!?


Today's Todo List

Get different sprites working.
I attempted this late last night, but it was far from functional. I'll rejig the method, today. Try and try again, and hopefully something sticks!

Rejig the font routine
I tested the font, and it looks .. ... Tiny!
8x8 pixels aren't a lot for fonts, so I think I should probably aim for something a little more monospaced, and chunky, so it's more readable.

Main Framework Test
Hit the compile button and see if the framework even looks right.
It currently doesn't, as it's trying to draw everything with the Bloke spritesheet!

With any luck, all will go perfectly smooth!!

It never does!

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