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Late Night != Early Morning
  8th March, 2018
The plan at 11pm was simple.
If I write tomorrow's SoCoder newsletter now, then I can wake up, post it quickly, and return to the coding!


The plan didn't quite work out, however.
After writing the SoCoder newsletter, I then started creating a couple of ALChoons, and by the time I was finished it was past 4am!

It's now 1pm the next day, I'm barely just awake, still haven't posted the SoCoder Newsletter, and still have blogging, email checking and other morning tasks to perform.

Still, at least I managed to make a couple of nice ALChoons, last night, with Analysing Venus being my particular favourite of the two.

Today's tasks are the same as usual.
See if I can fix the Linux online quirk.
See if I can get Android to compile.
See if I can figure out how this week's game will function.
Lots of if's, and oodles of potential in the disappointment side of things.

Ho hum..
Keep coding, Jay!!

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