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  7th March, 2018
I'm not really sure what direction this puzzle thing's going to take.
I've a single level idea in mind, but whether I can expand that to make more levels, I've no idea.


But half the fun of AGameAWeek is figuring things out as I go, and this will be no different.
Trying to wrangle a game from a few small ideas, which may or may not even work out.
In the past I've found that even when a game fails, the basic idea has been interesting enough that a second/third attempt later on in the year, occasionally results in a much better gameplay experience.

Anyway, today I need to spend an hour or so trying to figure out the silliness of the online component once again.
I'm going to limit myself to a few tests. If they don't work, I'll switch back to working on the game, instead.

All of this thinking is awfully tiring!

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