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  10th February, 2018
Plenty of stuff got done, yesterday.


Music, Artsy stuff, and a chunk of coding.
Today I need to finish off "Dangers" for the new worlds, and then figure out all the different world styles that actually work with the graphics.
Trying to find nice backgrounds that don't clash with the main character is probably going to be quite tricky, but I'm fairly confident that the bright yellow colour should help!

I also need to work a little more on the spike-layouts, as my intended "shapes" don't appear to be as noticeable onscreen as I was hoping they would.
I originally added different shapes as part of the original level layout code, but that was weeks ago, now, and things have progressed a fair amount in the interim.

As an example of a "shape", if you look at yesterday's screenshot, you'll notice a couple of squarish groupings over on the top right.

With all the Path-Removal code, those aren't looking as neat as they do when the level's first being generated!
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm looking at the "final" layout, it's all gone a little bit pear shaped!

So, that needs a rethink.
I'm not sure what I can replace it with, but I'll be experimenting with different things, today, to try and find a nice new way to style each world.

So, back to the drawing board, then!

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