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Flappadiddle feedback, so far.
  5th February, 2018
Thanks to all for testing.

Rychan -
I see the hitbox detection has been improved somewhat also which is cool

A little more forgiving, this time. The original game was a little "too" mean when it came to bird vs flame hits!


Rychan -
nice intro stage too!

I might add a few little platforms on that screen.
It's purpose is so you can flap around and get used to the physics a little, on the off chance that (for some reason) the physics might change slightly.

steve_ancell -
I'm not getting any audio on that one Jay.
first I had sound on my PC and now I'm not getting any since running the game.
False alarm Jay, it was my end at fault. Restated the PC and all is good.

Fuck, panic!!!
OK, I'll assume all is golden until someone else brings it up, then I'll start to freak out about a potential issue!

therevillsgames -
Had a quick go of Flappadiddle Doo (great name)

Yeah, the game had to "sound" like a sequel, without specifically being a sequel, as it would be appearing on systems that the previous edition hadn't. (eg, the Mac and Linux versions)
I'm quite happy with the name

steve_ancell -
Slight freeze on the logo when it first launches

therevillsgames -
Whilst loading, the animation was juddery.

Yeah, not a whole lot I can do, there, other than daring to bother to code a proper Threaded version of the loader, and when I last looked into threading, it was a bloomin' horrorshow, with every system needing its own version.
Lazy Jay took control, so stuttering it is!!

therevillsgames -
The controls were a spongey and didnt respond that quickly, sometimes it felt like the game wasnt running at full FPS...

... WAS the game running at full FPS?! F1 (or at the bottom of the options screen) to find out!
Also, let me know if it works better windowed or fullscreen (F11)

therevillsgames -
Plays fine on my home PC... really like it Jay!

Would love to hear more about the slower system, though. I've tried to add nice "delta" timing to the game, but if it doesn't feel right, that's gotta be fixed!

Pakz -
Works here. No problems.

Dabz -
Works lovely here...
I even chucked the Linux version through a Debian 9 VM... Smooth as silk!

rockford -
Works great on my Win10 lappy.


rskgames -
One little glitch that I found is that I started the game in windowed mode and then while flying I pressed f11 to go full screen then in full screen I found the bird stuck beneath the starting point.

Yeah, I've noticed that happen a couple of times, myself. I've not yet added any "Bump me up if I'm inside a floor" code, which is really bloomin' easy to add, but I kinda rushed yesterday's release.
Also, if you resize the window during gameplay, you'll notice the Bonus Eggs/Trail don't quite reallign properly, which could potentially cause issues if you're mid-game when doing that.

..I wasn't supposed to be releasing it until later tonight, but I was having so much fun with the game that I was doing that "Tweak the code for 10 second, playtest for half an hour" thing!! Figured I'd better quit playing and compile the bloomin' thing!

Gameplay issues aren't really what I'm worried about with Test#1.
Test#1 is just about whether it actually runs on all the targets, and I'm fairly happy that most people have been able to run it smoothly.
All in all, I'd say this is a good test!

Now, iOS and Android..

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