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  5th February, 2018
In a reply to yesterday's Ideas post, Michael Adcock (@adcockm) suggested I look into Pico-8 development.

He then (via Twitter) brought up the fact that I couldn't do it with my new C++ framework, so the idea of attempting it is a little less appealing.


I should probably attempt something, though, so I've added Pico-8 to the ideas list for 2018.

It might not be anything as "complex" as a regular AGameAWeek, but it'll be fun to play about with something new, much like how I recently did the 10-liner version of SpikeDislike for the Amstrad CPC.

In addition, he's mentioned Pinball as a possible game idea.
That could be a nice game idea.
Maybe not a straight forward Pinball, but certainly something with oodles of bumpers and a constant flow of action.
That might be fun to try, although my head's already imagining it as some sort of Minigolf, rather than a Pinball.

Anyhoo, if you've any more suggestions, post 'em in the comments, and I'll add them to the 2018 list.

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