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Today's Framework Dealings..
  28th January, 2018
Lots of background stuff, today.



The new Delta Timing stuff seems mostly ok'ish.
I had to add oodles of sprites before I could get the framerate to slow right down to about 12fps, and by that point I was able to properly stress test the delta stuff.

Delta timing is "The time inbetween this frame and the last, as a percentage of the time it should've taken if running at 60fps"
You then multiply all your ingame numbers (physics, movement, etc) by that value, and your game *should* be more or less stable.

Testing on Windows and Linux seem to be showing decent framerate capabilities, and I'll be testing on Mac later. (since trying to test framerates whilst running over Remote Desktop makes for an extremely difficult experience!)

The reason I've only just added Delta timings is because I was unsure if it was necessary. Previous test movement things had been Millisecond based, and all seemed silky and smooth, but now that I'm getting around to actual game-dev, it's noticeable when the framerate skips a beat.

So, in it went!!
Now I just have to remember to multiply all my values by Delta, or weird things might start happening ingame!

Game Root Folder

For some strange reason, the MacOS edition of the game seemed to have trouble figuring out where it is that the game was being run from.
This meant that all image/sound/music loading was resulting in errors, since the game didn't know where to look.

I spent most of last night and today trying to find the best way to deal with that, and hopefully the method I've chosen turns out to be fairly stable. It's certainly running well enough in Windows, Linux and Mac, although Linux's varied Editions will no doubt show up an error at some point!

Testing will, as always, be required!

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