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  24th January, 2018
I spent most of last night fiddling around with my new toy, Vocaloid.


Every so often, I'll come up with a choon that badly needs lyrics, but my own lack of singing talent puts an end to those dreams.
Every time that happens, I find myself thinking "I should probably buy Vocaloid", but the sheer cost of such a thing puts me off.

This week, I made that leap.

Vocaloid Test
also on SoundCloud
I know it's nothing major, and to be honest there may not ever be anything major, but from here onwards if I ever get the urge, I have the ability!!

Last night I was mostly playing around with it, and figuring out all the settings and whatnot. Lots of odd little options to play with, but not much of a clue on how to go about doing that, or what all the options achieve.

Guess I'll figure it out, eventually.

Oh, and the lyrics to the test are from Poetry Corner : 7th Dec 2017, so .. I guess that's got a purpose, now, too!

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