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IconResizer 2 v1.0
  22nd January, 2018
v1.0 of my new version of the Icon Resizer.
Completely rewritten over the space of today.

You can Download Icon Resizer 2 v1.0 here

Icon Resizer 2 takes a selection of icons, at whatever sizes you CAN be bothered to make, and outputs a whole array of (mostly iOS) different sized icons that you can use in your games.
With the addition of some Screenshots and your game's logo, the tool will also generate all manner of screenshot sizes, as well as generating a bunch of Banners and Headers and things that can be used in various places.


I definitely needed to rewrite it, to work with the new Framework, but decided to try to add a little more power into the mix, so have kept things relatively simple and obvious, for future tweaking.

At some point, I'd actually like to rewrite this in C++ and make an Icon Resizer 3, but for now, here's this quick release.

Simple enough to operate.
Dump your generic icons, logo and screenshots into the 01-Input folder
Run the .exe
Select one of the .ini files (Generate Everything is probably the one to go for!)
Give it a few minutes to render everything, (it takes a while!)

Then hop into the 02-Output folder for all the results.

Should be more than suitable for the task at hand.

There's two things on the todo list.
1. Paper Arcade
2. Windows.ico format output

I'd like to figure those out in Blitz before attempting to do them in C++ later, so expect an update in the next week or so, with those.

Other than that, go nuts!!
Let me know how you get on.

You can Download Icon Resizer 2 v1.0 here


Yes, it's slow!!
It's probably really easy to break, so tread carefully!!
BlitzMax Sourcecode is included. If you improve anything, let me know.

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